Founded in 2007, Midwest Recycling, Inc. specializes in the placement and maintenance of more than 3000 bins throughout Greater Detroit and Southeast Michigan. Midwest has partnerships with various groups including local communities, businesses, public schools and houses of worship. Midwest is a worldwide distributor of used clothing and shoes for women, children and families in need.

At our 50,000 square-foot headquarters, located in Inkster, Michigan, our workers weigh, sort, grade, and package products. The office staff ensures the weights are recorded for each charity and subsequently they send checks to the respective non-profit.

Midwest exports goods to a diverse customer base throughout the world over five continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Exporting helps provide jobs in Michigan as well as provide funds for the partnerships of numerous charities and organizations here in the U.S.

Our veteran staff understands the industry’s constantly evolving trends and needs. It’s that detailed knowledge, gained only through years of building and maintaining key contacts, which makes Midwest Recycling an ideal partner for suppliers and customers alike.

Employee testimonials

Working in the office, I am given the opportunity to talk to an array of people calling from the number on our bins. I hear amusing stories of how keys stuck to a bag being tossed into a bin, to heartbreaking stories of someone in town cleaning out their loved one’s home. Sometimes I connect people directly to an organization that I believe they would like to help the most.


The highlight of my day is listening to our drivers tell stories of how they’ve helped a person that was down on their luck and simply needed an outfit for an interview or some pillows for their kids.