Midwest Recycling, Inc. partners with various municipalities throughout Michigan. By partnering with Midwest your city will benefit in numerous ways: promote Green initiatives, raise revenue, cleanup blight of unattended bins.

Textile recycling is a viable way to Promote “Green” Initiatives in your community. Recycling textiles keeps items out of landfills. In 10 years textile waste increased by 40%, yet recycling only increased by 2%.

On average, citizens throw away 82 lbs of textile waste per person each year

Rather than raise taxes to cover recycling cost, as stated on Economist.com, your city will raise revenue with no cost!

With aesthetically pleasing bins and reputable names (i.e. your city or Red Cross), pedestrians will bring clothing, textiles and shoes to businesses in your neighborhood. Midwest Recycling has a fresh look to reducing your community’s carbon footprint.

Guaranteed satisfaction with Midwest Recycling Inc.

Regular pickups

Clean and well-kept bins

100% Midwests responsibility to keep bins clean and well-kept

$2K liability insurance on every bin and surrounding area

Revenue checks sent on a regular basis