Midwest Headquarters is located in Inkster, Michigan. The warehouse is approximately 50,000 square feet with an office complex of nearly 6,500 square feet. Our warehouse has eight bays for incoming and outgoing products. Crews keep a steady pace of tracking how much comes in and where it’s coming from.

In addition to recyclables that pass through our warehouse, the new collection bins come here for their paint & identifying stickers. Once they have been aesthetically constructed and designed, each bin is assigned to a host-site. Midwest Recycling trucks carefully place the collection bins at their new homes, where they await visitors to bring recyclables.

Employee testimonials

Working in the office, I am given the opportunity to talk to an array of people calling from the number on our bins. I hear amusing stories of how keys stuck to a bag being tossed into a bin, to heartbreaking stories of someone in town cleaning out their loved one’s home. Sometimes I connect people directly to an organization that I believe they would like to help the most.


The highlight of my day is listening to our drivers tell stories of how they’ve helped a person that was down on their luck and simply needed an outfit for an interview or some pillows for their kids.