Midwest is a for-profit business; we service collection bins for non-profits and give proceeds to the respective charities. Our office staff ensures the monitoring of collected articles and subsequently sends checks to a number of charities and organizations on a regular basis.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and valuable to each partner for the maintaining and running of their organization. However, items gathered via these bins do not qualify as a charitable donation. If you are looking for a tax receipt we would suggest contacting the organization directly with your donation, although some are not able to use the clothing.

Employee testimonials

Working in the office, I am given the opportunity to talk to an array of people calling from the number on our bins. I hear amusing stories of how keys stuck to a bag being tossed into a bin, to heartbreaking stories of someone in town cleaning out their loved one’s home. Sometimes I connect people directly to an organization that I believe they would like to help the most.


The highlight of my day is listening to our drivers tell stories of how they’ve helped a person that was down on their luck and simply needed an outfit for an interview or some pillows for their kids.